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And you thought Drake’s acting days were over.

Started from the bottom now we…an action movie star?!

That’s right—Drake hasn’t acted since “Degrassi,” but the rapper just released his short film “Please Forgive Me” and he makes one helluva criminal.

The 23-minute long movie was directed by Anthony Mandler, who has directed music videos for Rihanna and Beyoncé. Originally supposed to debut Sept. 30, it mysteriously dropped on Apple Music the night of Sept. 25.

The film features music from “Views” like “Controlla”and “One Dance,” while Drizzy faces off with a South African crime boss. I’m talking guns, blood and all that kind of action. Rolling Stone compared the first half to the 1993 film “Indecent Proposal,” as Drake’s girl (Belgian model Fanny Neguesha) is offered $1 million to spend the night with some shady millionaire. Obvi, that doesn’t fly for Drake, and explosive drama follows. Drizzy, what did you get yourself into?!

Perhaps the best part of the film though—if you can get over Drake being a badass—is that it also features new instrumental music from Drake’s producer, 40. Between the high tensions, beloved songs and the staggering action, it’s no wonder fans are going crazy over the film.

Side note: it just me or does the girl in the movie resemble Rihanna a bit? Also, if BadGalRiRi can be his next action movie muse, that’d be splendid.

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