This gives a whole new meaning to ‘high as a kite.’

The war on drugs has obviously failed us. We’ve spent over $1 trillion and addiction rates haven’t budged. A top aid for Richard Nixon has openly admitted it was all a front for arresting hippies and black people.

As if to add insult to injury, drug dealers in Mexico are now using dark age technology to bring weed into the US.

In February, during a routine patrol outside Douglas, Arizona, agents from the US Customs and Border Protection saw people scattering on the Mexican side of the border. When they went to investigate, the agents found an enormous catapult attached to the Mexico side of the fence.

The catapult (see photo above) is capable of throwing large packages of drugs over the border. US officials found two bundles of weed on the US side of the border. The bundles weighed a combined 47 pounds.

If you’re having trouble understanding just how much weed that is, look at the picture below, which is from an unrelated drug bust in New Jersey. That’s 50 pounds of weed in the photo there, which is worth about $100,000.

Hazlet Township Police Department

Exactly how much the people behind the catapult operation expected to make isn’t known, since no one was arrested. The catapult has been dismantled and the cannabis is probably going to waste in an evidence room somewhere.

But what this ludicrous episode means for me is this: Regardless of what governments do to arrest dealers, drugs will find their way into the US. Whether it’s by car, boat, catapult or submarine, traffickers do what traffickers do?—?as long as the demand is there.

So maybe it’s time we moved out of the Middle Ages.