Maybe it was amateur night?

Chivalry is certainly dead thanks to “Liam,” a young man in the UK who bought Abby Fenton a drink at a bar—and then asked for a refund, two weeks later, when a romantic spark failed to ignite between the two.

According to Harley Tamplin for Metro UK, Abby Fenton received a text from Liam, who claimed to have met her at the nightclub Viper Rooms, in Sheffield. In his text, Liam asked her to pay back the £6.50 he spent purchasing her a drink. And, surprisingly, she did!


Abby, who is 18, remembers how Liam was dressed—and it wasn’t “so well,” she says—so she felt that he might have needed the money more than she did. She went on to say, “He wasn’t my type really but I just thought that when you’re out, people buy you drinks.”

Abby Fenton | SWNS

After Abby tweeted about the odd exchange, it quickly accumulated more than 10,000 retweets.

Next time, think before you text, Liam.