For everyone who used to catch bubbles on their tongues, your dreams have come true.

As a kid, catching bubbles on your tongue was a lot of fun until you actually caught one and sputtered like a llama as your mouth filled with soap. But since we now live in 2016, you can eat all the bubbles you like.

That’s because BubbleLick has created a masterpiece formula for edible bubbles.

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And the best part is they’re completely customizable, so you can make any flavor bubble you like.


The non-toxic bubble solution comes in a bottle, but it’s only filled up half way so you can top off the rest with the drink of choice. Get your morning buzz from coffee-flavored bubbles or get a happy hour buzz from boozy bubbles.

While you should avoid heavy liquids like milk (who wants milk bubbles, anyway?) the options are otherwise endless, ranging from Kool Aid to Red Bull.

‘Charlie & The Chocolate Factory’

Honestly, we’ve never seen this much fun with bubbles since Willy Wonka’s factory.