Wait, what did we watch?

*Warning, spoilers below if you have not seen the premiere of “American Horror Story” season 6*

After months of speculation surrounding the theme of Ryan Murphy’s anthology series, a dozen mysterious trailers hinted that all seasons are in fact connected. Well, the sixth season of “American Horror Story” finally premiered on Sept 14 and there’s just one problem—we’re just as confused as ever.

Fans who tuned in were in for a complete departure from previous seasons. For starters, we found out the “theme” is “My Roanoke Nightmare.” It takes the form of a mockumentary resembling something of a true crime documentary—or even “The Blair Witch Project,” a format the show has never explored before.

We saw familiar faces like Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson Angela Bassett and “American Crime Story’s” Cuba Gooding Jr. Rabe (played by Paulson in the reenactment) is a woman named Shelby who moves to North Carolina with her husband Matt (played by Andre Holland IRL and Cuba Gooding Jr. in the reenactment) after a violent incident. They buy a charming, abandoned house in the woods—but since this is “American Horror Story” and not “The Notebook,” things go APESHIT WRONG.

The episode was full of underlying tension and strange happenings like teeth falling from the sky, dead pigs appearing on a doorstep, strange hillbillies carrying torches and being trapped in a basement being forced to watch a freaky home video.

While it seems like a lot happened, we still don’t know what to expect from the actual season.

Some fans can’t get over Paulson and Gooding Jr. playing on-screen lovers—for obvious reasons if you tuned into “American Crime Story.”

Some are confused and disappointed that we still have NO CLUE what to expect.

Raise your hand if you’re disappointed Evan Peters and Gaga were no-shows in the premiere. Everyone? K, SAME HERE.

People are still terrified even though they don’t exactly know what they’re afraid of.

We’ll just have to wait and see how the rest of the season rolls out—and never ever go into the woods alone again. That is, not unless Kathy Bates is going to lead us to a village filled with torches and hanging witch dolls.