This summer show is worth all the hype.

Calling all “Making a Murderer” fans—HBO’s “The Night Of” will be your next big TV addiction.


The eight-part miniseries follows Nasir Kahn (Riz Ahmed), a college kid on trial for a murder he may or may not have committed.


Much like Stephen Avery in “Making A Murderer,” we learn about Nasir’s life and past while he’s convicted of a crime that we believe he hasn’t actually committed. The first episode starts out with a wide-eyed Naz trying to get to a party by sneaking out in his dad’s cab, and instead ends up with a dead girl’s blood—literally—all over his hands.

In the trailer, Naz says, “It looks like I killed her, I know that,” to which his lawyer quips, “That’s how it looks. But it’s not that simple is it?”

And it’s really not. According to The Daily Beast, the series “emphasizes the many unfair and often arbitrary forces at work in a fundamentally broken system.” Over the course of the next seven episodes, our main character looks less and less innocent as we find out the details of his night, leaving us questioning everything—just like in Avery’s case.

While “Making A Murderer” is a documentary-series revolving around Avery’s real-life murder trial, “The Night Of” is based off of the 2008 British series “Criminal Justice.”

America has shown an indefinite interest in crime dramas, from shows like “The Jinx” to the podcast “Serial,” and this is yet another example of a drama with a protagonist we’re not sure we can trust.

“The Night Of” airs Sundays on HBO.


Check out the trailer for the series here.