Ines Vuckovic/Dose

Dreams come true and here’s the (alcoholic) proof.

Adulting is hard. You’re paying bills, you have obligations and you actually have to make appointments for yourself (ew). After a long day of adulting, you just want to treat yo’ self. Let’s just say the treat I have in mind combines two of your favorite things: alcohol and ice cream.

Tipsy Scoop, a company based out of New York City, makes artisanal ice cream blended with 5% alcohol per volume to create a satisfying treat only grownups can enjoy.

The boozy treats are currently available for catering events (that include ice cream sandwiches and popsicles) and as pints in specialty stores across the city.

But don’t buy a plane ticket just yet. Tipsy Scoop is available to anyone in the United States if they don’t mind paying for shipping—online food retailer Goldbely ships anywhere in the country. Purchasers are able to get four pints for $89, six pints for $109 and a dozen boozy ice cream sandwiches for $99.

Don’t worry, even if you live across the country, your ice cream will arrive frozen. The goods arrive in an insulated box with enough dry ice to keep your boozy dreams frozen during their journey to your mouth.