Instagram: DupeThat

Find out if it’s really worth investing in a Kylie lip kit.

Beauty trends come and go faster than Kylie Jenner changes her hair color. Between mermaid highlighter, contouring, non-touring, baking and vampy lipstick colors, it can be tough to determine which products you should invest in.

I’ve also found that in some cases, drugstore products can be better than luxury makeup brands, as similar formulas are used. Remember when it was uncovered that Kylie’s expensive lip kits were basically a ripoff of affordable brand Colourpop? Smdh. Finding makeup dupes are pretty much a blessing in the beauty world, especially when it comes to testing out trends—and this new Insta account has gotchu covered!

DupeThat is an Instagram account that finds and swatches dupes for basically every makeup product out there.

The account also offers honest product reviews and finds discounts on everything from highlighter to lipstick to spa and bath products. Ahhhh-mazing.

They compare colors, prices and formulas by swatching.

Typically, they take an expensive brand and find its less expensive counterpart. If there’s a discount involved, they’ll hit you up with their promo code!

For example, here’s Kylie Jenner’s “Kymajesty” compared to JD Glow, which is cheaper and also has a discount.

They also find steals and bargains, like these glittery gel glide-on eyeliners for $3–5. (!!!)

Here are Colourpop highlighters for just $8.

Did you know you can get gel nail polish for $6.99?—?$8.99?

These finds make it easy to test out trends like bright blue lipstick for less, when it may or may not be your thing.

I know for me, I get bored of makeup easily, so I usually don’t want to spend my weekend drunchies money on something like blue lipstick that I’ll only wear a few times—but for $7, I’m in! ????

To keep up with all of their awesome finds, be sure to follow DupeThat’s Instagram account!