“Blonde” was well worth the wait, so we’re hoping these releases will be, too.

Wherever you were in the world last weekend, chances are you dropped everything when you found out that after years of waiting, Frank Ocean low-key released a visual album followed by a full studio album. At first, you were probably in disbelief—maybe even denial. You didn’t want to get your hopes crushed again since there have been so many false alarms regarding the release of his follow-up to debut album “channel ORANGE” from 2012.

And then you realized that this was not a drill. You watched the mysterious Mr. Ocean saw wood and build a staircase over tranquil, ambient beats in the 45-minute long, black-and-white “Endless.” The next day, we were gifted with “Blonde,” the real album we’ve all been waiting for and oh my god, is it awesome. If you haven’t seen the trippy music video for “Nikes,’ a visual masterpiece that pushes gender norms while reflecting on late night woes, do yourself a favor and watch it now.

Amazing, right? I totally forgive Frank for delaying this album, because it was definitely worth the wait. But it also made me think of other amazing artists I’m waiting on to release a new album.

1. Lorde

YouTube: LordeVEVO

The New Zealand songstress broke through the music scene with her 2013 hit “Royals” when she was just 17 years old. Her debut album “Pure Heroine” was critically acclaimed and she won two Grammy Awards for it. One single and a Disclosure collaboration later, three years have flown by without a new album and her fans are making it known on Twitter that they’re PISSED. If Frank Ocean has taught us anything though, it’s to be patient. Lorde has assured us that she is, in fact, working on new music. And it’s going to be great. Here’s proof:

2. Kesha

YouTube: keshaVEVO

OK, OK, I know she had that whole effed up lawsuit with Dr. Luke and she wasn’t allowed to release new music during those years. After dropping the charges against her producer and alleged abuser, the pop star is ready to move forward and IMHO, it’s time for her to throw some glitter and make it rain again. She’s currently on the road for her F*ck the World comeback tour (appropriately named ????) with her new band Kesha and the Creepies, and is ready to start making new tracks soon.

3. Sam Smith

YouTube: SamSmithVEVO

Now that Adele released her album, it’s time for the male version of her to release a new one, too. Sam Smith’s 2014 Grammy-winning album “In The Lonely Hour” was honest, emotional and raw—the kind of refreshing sound pop music needs. The British crooner teased his next album will be “fucking great.” He told The Associated Press, “It’s really deep shit that’s coming out?—?that’s all I’ll say.” WE CAN’T WAIT ??????.

4. Lady Gaga

YouTube: LadyGagaVEVO

Sure, she’s been busy slicing people’s throats and drinking their blood on “American Horror Story” but Gaga is overdue for a pop album. While her 2014 collaboration with Tony Bennett “Cheek to Cheek” was definitely great and showed the diversity of the pop star, Gaga fans are in need of some more power anthems to pre-game to on a Saturday night.

Aaaand it looks like we won’t have to wait too long. Her new single “Perfect Illusion” is set to be released in early September—the anticipation for it is already so strong it’s reached ?1 on the Billboard + Twitter Top Track. Plus, it looks like her fifth studio album will shortly follow. YASSS GAGA, YASSSS.

5. The Weeknd

YouTube: TheWeekndVEVO

Yeah, he took home eight (!!) Billboard Awards just this year for his 2015 album “Beauty Behind The Madness,” but I’m already thirsty for more. The R&B singer-songwriter is reportedly recording an album as we speak and is rumored to be working with Daft Punk (OMG). Here’s to hoping his upcoming album will feature more retro beats and plenty of falsetto as he sings about sex, drugs and despair. Or will he go all soft on us and sing about his love for Bella Hadid? Swoon.

6. Katy Perry

YouTube: KatyPerryVEVO

The pop princess broke her silence when she recently released the epic Olympics anthem “Rise,” which will seriously motivate you to do anything in life. Katy hasn’t released an album since 2013’s “Prism,” and has instead been taking some “me” time and hanging out with Orlando Bloom’s penis—but it looks like we’ll have a whole lot of Katy come 2017. “I’m working with a lot of unexpected writers and producers … that’s bringing out a lot of different things sonically,” Katy told Elvis Duran. Ah-mazing.

7. J. Cole


J. Cole has been headlining music festivals all over the country, but he hasn’t released new music since 2014’s “Forest Hills Drive,” and I’m impatient. His next album is reportedly a joint project with fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar, which is pretty much a match made in hip hop heaven. Once the album drops, there’s no doubt it’ll be a huge hit.

8. Nicki Minaj

YouTube: NickiMinajVEVO

Nicki Minaj’s 2014 album “The Pinkprint” is still one of my favorite pre-game albums, and I’m ready for more booty shaking music videos that make me worship this kween. As for the rapper’s next album, Nicki told Nylon, “I needed time to hear myself think again because where I left off with The Pinkprint was a little bit emotionally unstable. I wanted to take a moment to just live my life, enjoy my life, have fun, go out. I think that’s very important before you start writing again.” OK Nicki, you do you, we’re on board—but the real question is, will she address the Drake/Meek Mill drama?!

9. Justin Timberlake

YouTube: justintimberlakeVEVO

JT released “Can’t Stop the Feeling” in May for the movie “Trolls” and it’s been in everyone’s heads all summer long. While it was definitely a little sunny for his typical smooth style, it seems like Justin is ready to experiment with more genres, which we’re all about it. In fact, the former NYSNC star even hinted he might be going country as he’s reportedly working with Pharrell, Timbaland and Little Big town on his next album, according to E!. How’s that for genre-bending?

What big albums are you anticipating?