Because there’s nothing really exciting about a pup tent.

If staying in a flea-bitten roadside motel sounds more appealing than pitching a tent, squatting in the bushes to take a pee and singing “Kumbayah” around a smokey fire, then you’re probably not into camping—we get it. While time spent in the great outdoors can be a truly exhilarating experience (bird watching! Star-filled skies!), it can be hard to detach yourself from modern-day technology and life’s simple pleasures—like a shower and food that doesn’t come out of a can.

But what happens when you get coerced into going on a camping trip with your S.O.’s family or (God forbid) your tree-hugging friend for her bachelorette party? Well, lucky for you, a genius group of entrepreneurs came up with the perfect invention for making camping more entertaining than a blistering hot dog on a stick.

Behold: the portable hot tub.

Original Nomad, a company out of Portland, created a portable hot tub to make all your camping excursions more tolerable. The collapsible contraption can be folded up and taken anywhere, from parties to picnics. Heck, we’d even set this baby up on the small balcony of our apartment building.

Looks like an odd episode of “The Bachelor.” Where’s the Champagne?

So, what prompted the company to create this vessel-o-fun you ask? The Original Nomad company says, “We were inspired by the great outdoors and the creative, adventure seeking human spirit. Our experience has been greatly impressed by family and friends who have adventured creatively. We celebrate the memories made with those who pack well and have amazed us with the love and wonder inside their picnic baskets, cargo space and campsites.”

Oh, and don’t worry. Wearing a motorcycle helmet is not a requirement for hot tub enjoyment. These photos were taken from a camping excursion posted on the Original Nomad’s blog.

You don’t need to be a handyman to figure out the setup.

In case you’re thinking there’s a catch (i.e., more complicated to figure out than an Ikea bedroom set), Original Nomad assures us that it only takes about twenty minutes to set everything up before soaking your loins in this modern-day 225-gallon bath house. The tub works with the “official” Nomad water heater coil to ensure that you’ll stay warm and toasty for hours—unlike that pathetic s’more you tried to make. Not a fan of yellow? The hot tub is also available in black and red—just in case you want to attract a few extra friends to splash around with…

Check out this video for a step-by-step tutorial so that you can spend more time soakin’ and less time laboring.