Nope, that’s not your mind playing tricks on you.

If you’re convinced that you become #blessed with night vision superpowers after smoking a spliff, you’re not alone. In fact, new research proves that marijuana actually improves eyesight.

According to The Guardian, a group of researchers in 2004 discovered Moroccan fisherman used to smoke marijuana before going out at night on their boats. When fishermen claimed they were able to see better in the dark while out at sea, they were given several vision tests confirming the more stoned they were, the better their eyesight was.

‘Broad City’

Edward Ruthazer, a professor at McGill University, studied the brain cells of tadpoles and found the cannabinoids in marijuana makes the eye more sensitive to visual stimuli. “It’s known that cannabinoids are important in some aspects of brain development, so we wanted to look at them in our system to see and record the functional changes in connectivity [when they’re introduced],” Ruthazer said.

‘Silicon Valley’

The end results prove that a cannabinoid receptor in the brain is activated after you smoke, which rapidly enhances cells in the eye to alert the brain to detect light. Between night vision and weed tampons, who knows what other discoveries will be made in the cannabis world.

h/t: Broadly