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It’s time for Netflix’s monthly oil change.

With summer in full swing, your couch is probably the last place you want to be?—?but let’s be honest, after a long day of hanging out at the beach, there’s no place you’d rather be.

Well, there’s good news for you couch potatoes—there are a lot of exciting new movies and TV shows coming to Netflix this July. Need some help determining what’s worth tuning into so you’re not blankly staring at your queue or arguing what to watch with your BFF? We’ve got you covered. From cinematic classics to compelling new series, here’s everything you can shamelessly stay indoors for.

1. ‘Titanic’

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Whether you had a bad Tinder date or just need to remind yourself that love does, indeed, exist, look no further than “Titanic.” Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet’s chemistry will thaw your cold, dead heart and give you all the feels again.

Available July 1.

2. ‘Friends From College’


Created by Nick Stoller (the brains behind comedies like “Neighbors” and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”), this new original series is one you’ll want to watch with a cold 40 to relive your college days. The show centers on a group of friends who went to Harvard and are now approaching their 40s. They’re also grappling work and their personal lives. It will feel all too relatable to people who have lost touch and reconnected with old friends—and all the weird shit that happens in between.

Available July 14.

3. ‘The Incredible Jessica James’


This indie rom-com garnered attention at this year’s Sundance, and now it will finally be available to stream. “Daily Show” correspondent Jessica Williams stars as an aspiring playwright in New York City who befriends a divorced man hot off the heels of a recent breakup. Her sass and spirit is just what everyone needs this summer.

Available July 28.

4. ‘To The Bone’


Based on director Marti Noxon’s own experience with anorexia and bulimia, this Sundance film depicts a young woman (Lily Collins) struggling with an eating disorder. Though the film has been called controversial by some critics and mental health experts, others say it raises awareness for the subject matter with grace and sensitivity.

Available July 14.

5. ‘Lion’

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Remember falling in love with Dev Patel in “Slumdog Millionaire?” Well, get ready to break out the tissues once again and follow Patel in the biographical film “Lion” as he uses Google Maps to search for his long-lost family back in India. You’re going to want to call your mom after getting through this epic journey.

Available July 9.

6. ‘E.T the Extra-Terrestrial’

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If you’re looking to get nostalgic, Steven Spielberg’s “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” will no doubt take you through space and time to revisit this childhood classic. This alien friendship is destined to make you wish you had a pal like E.T.

Available July 1.

7. ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’


We don’t blame you if you are really feeling done with Earth right now. So why not escape the planet with “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and chill out in another galaxy far, far away? Who knows, you might end up finding the Jedi of your dreams!

Available July 1.

8. ‘Punch-Drunk Love’

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It’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed by summer social gatherings, so maybe you’ve already had some pretty awkward encounters. But, you’re about to start feeling like a pro at social interactions once you begin cackling at the dark comedy “Punch-Drunk Love,” where an awkward, toilet-plunger-selling business owner attempts to navigate romance and his manhood.

Available July 1.

Written by Julianne Ishler & Julian Larach.