Your favorite 90s toy could be worth big dollars.


A couple months ago, we debunked the myth of Princess Diana Beanie Babies being worth millions—but what about your precious Polly Pockets from the 90s? You know, the ones that allowed you to carry around a compact dollhouse in the comfort of your own fanny pack? 

Turns out these pocket-sized figures are listed on eBay for up to $10,000. Realistically, you can probably get about $800-$1,500 for a set with its original packaging, especially if they were released before 1998 (when Bluebirds Toys still owned the brand). If you just ran back from the attic and realized your Polly Pocket is made by Mattel, no worries. You can still sell them for anywhere between $75-$250. 

These miniature dolls first came out in 1983 and were sold through 2015, making them a huge collector’s item today. We also have the ‘miniature food craze’ from 2017 to thank for this. The trend started in Japan but soon took over YouTube channels everywhere with tiny kitchen utensils and miniature stacks of pancakes. Polly Pockets are basically a cheater’s guide to creating these kawaii setups. 

Due to the popularity, eBay even created their own guide for those who are trying to sell theirs to collectors. Here are some highlights to keep in mind before putting up your listing: 

– Make sure to know if your Polly Pocket was made by Bluebird or Mattel. Vintage Polly Pocket Dolls are less than 1” tall and made of hard plastic without removable clothes or soft hair. When Mattel took over in the late 90s, Polly Pockets were 2-3” tall and made of pliable plastic with removable clothes. 

– When listing your vintage Polly Pocket, be as specific as possible. Take note of their condition, market value, and rarity. If you’re in the market to buy a vintage Polly Pocket, double check the seller’s feedback to make sure you’re working with someone trustworthy. 

They say you can’t put a price on your childhood—but whoever said that clearly wasn’t prepared for how much an extra scoop of guac costs in 2018.