All ages, all races, all sizes.

Swimsuits For All

Ashley Graham made waves in 2015 as the first plus-size model to grace the cover of “Sports Illustrated’s” Swimsuit issue. It was a big deal, because for so long, the issue featured only a certain type of woman (read: skinny, white, big-breasted) on the cover. Now, the mag is breaking down even more boundaries, celebrating inclusiveness and body positivity like never before.

Swimsuits for All cast non-models of different ages, races and body types in its new campaign, “Every Body, Every Age, Every Beautiful,” featured in this year’s Swimsuit issue.

Better yet? Graham is back in it, too, taking to the streets of colorful Puerto Rico with a bunch of real women wearing swimsuits. AMAZING.

Swimsuits For All

The real women in the campaign flaunt Graham’s designs for Swimsuits For All. The collection is the first to offer swimsuits sizes 6 to 22, and as you can see, they’re fabulous.

Chatting with about the campaign, Graham said, “I know that women want to see what they really look like. To a degree, models can be fantasy. I really wanted to showcase what women of different sizes and ages look like in my swimsuits and we all look flawless.”

Swimsuits For All

Props to Graham for consistently challenging the idea that there’s only one type of beauty. Here’s hoping this bold campaign sets the stage for more magazines to follow in “Sports Illustrated’s” footsteps—wouldn’t it be awesome to finally see real women everywhere?