Matt Slocum/Associated Press/‘Star Wars: Return of the Jedi’

Illustrated by Hollywood’s most satisfying moments.

Like Alfred at the end of “The Dark Knight Rises,” spotting Bruce Wayne across the cafe and realizing that after decades of emotional anguish, his ward has finally found some peace.

Like Ben Affleck walking up to Will Hunting’s door and finding the house empty, then grinning because he knows his friend has finally bucked up and become the man he was born to be.

Like George Bailey glancing skyward in silent gratitude to Clarence as his friends sing “Auld Lang Syne.”

Like John Bender from “The Breakfast Club” raising his fist in triumph as he struts across the football field after smooching Molly Ringwald.

Like the guy who plays Rick on “The Walking Dead” in the scene in “Love Actually” when Keira Knightley kisses him and he walks away and murmurs, “Enough…enough now” with a frankly creepy sort of satisfaction.

Like the husband who tenderly takes his wife’s hand as they sit in separate bathtubs in those Cialis commercials.

Like Gary from “Remember The Titans” when he’s in the hospital watching the game on TV and starts cheering so loudly that the nurse runs in, thinking he’s in pain.

Like Gandalf watching Frodo wake up in Gondor after the eagles rescue him from Mount Doom, his smile building into a hearty laugh, which Frodo reciprocates because neither of them can believe this implausible thing has come to pass.

Like ghost Obi-Wan watching Luke celebrate on the forest moon of Endor after successfully vanquishing the Empire.

Like the teary-eyed dad sharply inhaling at the end of “Billy Elliot,” awestruck by the beauty of his son’s dancing.

Like Tom Hardy at the end of “Mad Max: Fury Road,” watching Furiosa be literally raised up by her people, supplanting the unjust Immortan Joe as ruler of the Citadel.

Like Westley at the end of “The Princess Bride,” when he asks Inigo Montoya what he wants to do now that he’s achieved his lifelong goal of revenge.

Like Tom Cruise singing “Free Fallin’” in “Jerry Maguire.”

Like Geoffrey Rush when Colin Firth finally loses his stutter in “The King’s Speech.”

Like Kurt Russell when Mike Eruzione finally screams that he plays hockey for the United States of America.

Like Lyanna Mormont watching Jon Snow’s bannermen declare him King in the North.

Like Chris and Liam Hemsworth when they heard their brother Luke got a part in “Westworld.”