Look like a million bucks for less than a hundred.

Love ’em or hate ’em, the Kardashians are big time style influencers. Whether they’re bringing back Von Dutch, reviving the ’90s, modeling at high-end fashion shows around the globe or ruling their fashion and beauty empires, the Kardashians are considered trendsetters for what’s cool today.

As someone who follows all of the Kardashian and Jenner sisters on Instagram (sorry, not sorry) along with a handful of celeb street-style bloggers, I’m constantly obsessing over the family’s day-to-day outfits. Oftentimes I see clothes on celebrities and know that my bank account would not be happy if I bought exactly what they’re wearing. However, the thing that strikes me about the Kardashian’s street-style is just how basic it actually is. Basic as in, your typical sorority girl would totally be able to pull these off.

I decided to prove my point by walking into Chicago’s biggest Forever 21 and challenging myself to recreate a handful of their everyday outfits—with my max budget of only $50. Keeping in mind I don’t have the body of Kim Kardashian, and rather the body of a twelve-year-old boy, I was interested in finding out how these outfits would feel on me, too.

PS: I tried my best to find all of the exact clothes I found in the store online, but some were only available in the store only

PPS: Forever 21 has awful lighting that makes me look like a Gremlin so bear with me

Outfit 1: Kendall’s going-to-the-gym outfit

Splash News / Julianne Ishler

I decided to start with this simple look, which is a Kendall staple—high-waisted leggings and a crop top. Kendall’s signature leaving the gym ensemble is usually all black, so all you need is a pair of black leggings and a black crop top. Easy peazy yeezy.

Total Price: $11.80. (Crop Top: $7.90 + Leggings: $3.90)

A tip to anyone trying to dress like a Kardashian/Jenner: wear tight clothes that make any flat butt like mine look like you do a million squats a day.

Outfit 2: Kim Kardashian’s Black Bodycon Tank Dress

Splash News / Julianne Ishler

Another simple look Kim K wears on the regular: the bodycon dress. While it’s meant for curvy women like KiKi who want to show off their assets, It didn’t look horrible on me (read: I have no assets to show off), but it wasn’t really something I’d typically wear. I did love that it’s super comfy and cheap. Very cheap. Another bonus is that there endless ways to style a bodycon dress. Jazz it up with a killer statement necklace and pumps, or wear it with a flannel or jacket, etc.

Total Price: Dress: $10.90 (Extra: Shoes—$34.90).

Outfit 3: Kourtney’s Overalls

Getty / Julianne Ishler

My mom forced me to wear overalls in the ’90s, so my entire childhood photo album consists of me making fussy faces in them. So, I didn’t expect to like this look—but I DID. In fact, Kourtney may have just inspired me to revamp this phase in my life. Whether you wear a blouse like Kourt or a tee like I did, there are several sartorial ways to style this casual, everyday outfit.

Total Price: $42.80 (Overalls: $29.90, T-Shirt: $12.90)

Outfit 4: Khloe’s all-white look

Splash News/ Julianne Ishler

Since I’m pale AF, I usually avoid wearing white, but I actually liked Khloe’s all-white look on me. Thanks to Khlo Khlo, I may start wearing more white! Many people I’ve talked to are afraid to wear white jeans because they think they’re difficult to match with other pieces of clothing. But if you wear them like regular jeans, the possibilities are endless.

Total Price: $35.80 (Pants: $29.90 + Shirt: $5.90)

Outfit 5: Kendall Jenner’s Coachella Bralette Outfit

Instagram / Julianne Ishler

I love love loved Kendall’s Coachella look, and she’s a living example that lingerie can totally be a summer outfit. This look itself is pretty easy to pull off—it’s just a matter of accessorizing it according to your personal taste. I picked out high-waisted black shorts with a lace bralette and a kimono that you can wear as a cover, or just drape it around your arms like Kenny.

Total Price: $45.70 (High-waisted black shorts: $9.90, Bralette: $10.90, Kimono: $24.90)

Outfit 6: Kendall’s ‘90s-inspired slip dress

Instagram / Julianne Ishler

Kendall’s throwback slip dress over a tee-shirt look is GOALS to me, but this one was pretty hard for me to find, let alone pull off. Comfort-wise, the look is great—but you definitely need a good pair of heeled boots to pull it off without looking like you just stepped out in your grandma’s pajamas. This was the closest thing to the slip dress I could find at F21, and as you can see, it was not at all flattering on me. Such a shame.

Total Price: $37.80 (Shirt: $12.90, Dress: $24.90. Extra—shoes: $44.90)

Outfit 7: Kylie’s Mesh Skirt & Nude Bodysuit

Instagram / Julianne Ishler

I didn’t expect to be able to recreate this look at all, but when I laid eyes on this red lace skirt (unfortch, they didn’t have blue) I knew it was feasible. Kylie’s outfits are typically pretty coordinated, so I grabbed a matching red purse to spice up this outfit. Side note: the nude bodysuit was great. If it were in my size, I totally would have purchased it because it works for a fancy look, or casually styled with a pair of high-waisted jeans.

Total Price: $40.80 (Skirt: $24.90, Bodysuit: $15.90, Extra: purse $22.90)

Hey look, I’m Kylie Jenner!

Outfit 8: Kendall’s Post-Workout Flannel

Instagram / Julianne Ishler

Another klassic Kendall look consists of leggings, a crop top (or a sports bra in my case) and a flannel. I would totally wear something like this, as it’s pretty easy to coordinate. Kendall proves that just by adding a basic piece like a flannel you can transform any outfit into a different look.

Total Price: $38.70 (Bra: $14.90 Leggings: $3.90, Flannel: $19.90)

Outfit 9: Kim Kardashian’s Red Dress

Getty / Julianne Ishler

This is definitely a more conservative look for the queen of butt selfies, but it’s very flattering on her. On me… maybe not so much. If you want a classic red lace dress, I suggest spending a bit more than $22.90 on it. The dress at Forever 21 had more of a plunging neckline, but the material seemed like it’d stretch out easily and would be prone to tears.

Total Price: Dress: $22.90

Outfit 10: Kendall’s Bralette Over-Shirt Revival

Instagram / Julianne Ishler

Can you tell by now who my favorite Kardashian is? Kendall slayed the bralette-over-shirt look, and I think this one works best with a lace bra that’s more sheer and shows off the details. This makes for a great casual summer outfit (obvi, shorts are probably more ideal than jeans) and even something you should keep in mind for your fall wardrobe. The lingerie look isn’t going anywhere if Ken has something to say about it.

Total Price: $50.60 (shhhhh, close enough) (Jeans: $8.90 Shirt: $5.90 Kimono: $24.90 Bralette: $10.90)

The Kardashians prove that with fashion, you’ve got to get creative. Perhaps the biggest takeaway about dressing like a Dash sister is that all you need are a few basic building blocks for your wardrobe—i.e. a white tee, a flannel, and a good pair of jeans. Once you have those, you can pile on accessories (jewelry, a cool pair of shoes, etc.) to add personality to your look. So, big shoutout to the Kardashian squad for showing me how to be (at least somewhat) hip.