Cake and ice cream is the most delicious pairing in the dessert game.

Taste Spotting

They merged together to create the ice cream cake. Even though it’s a delicious frozen treat, it tends to melt.


Well, this new recipe combines these two favorites—but it doesn’t melt! Now, that takes the ice cream and the cake.

Brit + Co

All you do is combine a box of cake mix with a pint of your favorite ice cream (the flavor choices here are deliciously endless) and three eggs.

Cookies and Cups

Mix it all up, throw it in a pan of your choice, and bake according to the box/pan details.

Decorate, glaze or frost as you wish—major bonus points if you make your ice cream cake look like a popsicle.

Brit + Co

Though I promise, it’ll taste as delicious no matter what it’s shaped like.

Cookies and Cups