photo: Angeli Kakade/design: Antonio Manaligod/Dose

Palm reading is so last century.

Our lips are more than just an excuse to buy Charlotte Tilbury’s new Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk (a gorgeous nude)?—?because, duh, it’s Thursday and new lipstick.

Our lips tell stories. They taste the berries and oaks in a glass of wine. They show if we’re pissed or having the best day ever.

Our lips are full of nerve endings; their sensitivity to touch and warmth can turn an innocent goodnight kiss into a full-on makeout session.

Our puckers are so powerful, it should come as no surprise that they can also divine our futures. Or rather, our lip prints can.

Lipsology is the the art and science of reading a lip print. Like palm reading, lipsology aims to provide insight into our lives so we can make decisions accordingly.

Says lip print reader Anna Snodgrass, your lips “can tell you what’s presently going on in your life, either emotionally or physically.”

Snodgrass says there’s a lot of meaning hidden in your pucker. “In one lip print, there are 25 categories and 100 subcategories,” she told me, “ so there’s a lot of data in your lips.” Snodgrass and her fellow lipsologists take into account the print’s color, shape, size, lines or lack of lines, special markings, and positioning to get the right reading.

And women aren’t the only ones getting their prints read. Snodgrass says she has hundreds of male clients. “It’s a little bit of bravery for a couple of seconds, and you get a lot out of it,” she says.

I was intrigued by the idea of unearthing some previously-hidden truths in my life, so I had to give it a try.

According to Snodgrass, no two lip prints are alike, even when they’re coming from the same person. So, for my first reading, I applied pink lipstick and kissed a card three times.

Then I sat back and let the lipsologist get to work.

Snodgrass pointed out my “pushing bar,” which signifies that I have high standards and feel driven to pursue my goals. I get shit done and charge ahead, even without credit.

Snodgrass observed that my upper lip print is larger than my lower, meaning I’m a “mother hen” who watches out and cares for her crew.

And apparently there’s a triangle at the corners of my lips that forms a funnel shape. This is the “information funnel,” and it means, says Snodgrass, that I need a lot of information before making a decision.

So basically: I don’t give myself enough credit, I go to bat for my loved ones, and I’m THAT person who needs to survey at least 23 people before committing to an Instagram filter.

Want to give lipsology a try at home? Snodgrass gave me a rundown of other traits to look out for:

The Gourmet Lip Split

How to spot it: Look for a dip with a line down the middle on the bottom of the lower lip.

What it means: You love cooking gourmet meals and you’re very particular about the food you eat.

Seeds of Change

How to spot it: It’s a group of white dots on either lip.

What it means: It’s a reminder to focus on a project you’ve had on the back burner. Whatever it is, focus on it?—?it’ll benefit you and others.

Spirit Lines

How to spot them: They’re fine lines sprouting from the lip that resemble the little hairs on your arms that stand up when you’re cold.

What it means: You’re spiritual and should rely on that spirit.

So smooch on, lovers—your lips are communicating more than you think.

All images by Angeli Kakade for Dose.