Grab your passports. We’re heading to Trumpistan.

Whether he’s claiming his predecessor tapped his phone during the election or tweeting about a rigged voting system, Donald Trump always seems to find a way to get people talking about him.

While most media outlets have been more than happy to spend much of their time and energy on statements like these, CNN News18 in India has decided to dedicate an entire show to Donald Trump.

The show is called “Trumpistan,” and it’s gaining attention on one of India’s largest English news channels. According to Vice, the program’s creators recognized that the president’s statements never fail to ignite a furor. Regardless of whether they agree with him or not, people tune in to hear what he has to say.

“Trumpistan” is unique in the sense that its sole purpose is to view an American politician as an entertainment commodity rather than a public figure whose actions needs coverage. The video below even looks and sounds like a promo for a wacky sitcom, ending on the tagline “because you never know what The Donald is up to.”

The anti-Trump bias is clear, and so is the station’s motivation for producing the show: ratings.

Other major actors within news media have tried to simply ignore the man. Anderson Cooper recently told Steven Colbert that he’s muted Trump on Twitter. This also seems like a losing position, as it allows Trump to do and say what he wants without repercussions from the media.

President Trump is a hard man to cover objectively, but turning him into a caricature only distracts from the issues. If we focus only on his controversies, we’re in danger of overlooking their consequences.