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The eternal debate for millennials who enjoy the freedom of getting laid under the influence comes down to one big question: Is it better to have sex while high or drunk?

Thankfully for us, New York Magazine reports a New York University study released what might be the final answer to this never-ending quest for fulfillment. And the answer, it seems, is a little bit complicated.

So which inhibition-lowering substance reigns supreme? Let’s take a—ahem—hard look at the evidence.

Opening arguments

Confidence during the deed is certainly always welcome, especially if you’re going at it for the first time with a new partner. However, according to The Daily Mail, respondents in the study said alcohol can lead to many more FML post-one-night-stand mornings than cannabis, which actually makes people pickier about who they invite into the bedroom.

Not only do you have to worry about making bad decisions, but the always-disappointing whiskey dick can make the occasional appearance after a night of drinking. And getting high? That’s been linked to ladies NOT getting properly lubricated down there.

At the end of the day, the research showed that both getting high and getting drunk can lead to “riskier sexual behavior,” with the potential to make your booty call less, well, enjoyable.

But it’s not all bad news for those of us lucky enough to have experienced one or both of these, or those who’ve got the urge to experiment with a new kind of pleasure.

Exhibit A: Doing the drunken deed

The plus side of that extra cocktail? Those decreased inhibitions can sometimes lead to increased confidence.

Having a cocktail or beer before getting down to business definitely makes you more frisky, which can be good news for anyone who’s too shy to make the first move or simply needs a little liquid courage before bringing out the Fifty Shades-inspired toy set.

Your drink of choice may lead to those ever-popular good bad decisions, like getting increasingly flirtier with that friend-of-a-friend you just met at a casual night out.

That’s not to discount some of the smaller advantages (and disadvantages) of being drunk while doing the nasty.

If your partner is horrible in bed, you have the perfect excuse. Whether that’s an excuse for a sober do-over the morning after, or an excuse to kick them out of the bed the minute the deed is done, that’s up to you.

When it comes to drunk sex specifically, the fact that we tend to feel more daring can be great?—?but can also make the lines of consent blurry. There are certainly many do’s and don’ts of drunk sex, and practicing safe sex, not having the dreaded blackout and feeling too sloppy to truly enjoy yourself are definitely big on the Don’t list.

Exhibit B: Gettin’ hot and heavy—and high

High sex comes with its own very special YES! While you may be lazier and less inclined to actually want it, anyone who’s ever shared a joint with their college crush can tell you that high sex is AH-MAZING. Not only are all of your senses heightened to a degree that makes every little touch feel like you’re going to explode with pleasure, it also feels as if the act lasts forever and makes you incredibly in tune with your partner.

While both booze and weed tend to lower inhibitions, the majority of ladies I talked to reported a distinct, much sexier feeling after smoking pot. Of course, we shouldn’t forget that once in a while getting high makes us feel paranoid and super insecure about ourselves. So maybe experimenting with the right kind of cannabis in the right form is the way to go. Edibles? Smoking a bowl? A vaporizer? The sky’s the limit! And hopefully your orgasms will be, too.

…That is, unless you have issues focusing on your orgasm at all. Which, unfortunately, is a negative side effect for some. While the oh-so-good feelings may last longer and certainly be more intense in both cases, the Big O is not always achievable.

Luckily, there are also plenty of tips for having sex stoned too. At the top of the list are using plenty of lube (duh!), channeling the munchies into 69 (obvi!) and savoring absolutely every sensation.

The jury has spoken

In the end, NYU’s small, in-depth study reveals that most people favor marijuana as the sex drug of choice, with respondents claiming it can lead to increased sensitivity and better orgasms. Meanwhile, alcohol leads to less sensitivity and less inhibitions.

When it comes down to it, anyone who has experienced both probably already has a winner in their book. But if you haven’t been there (yet) and are looking to try, all evidence points to being high while having sex as the clear winner here.

It’s not just that being high heightens your senses or makes the actual act last forever, but also that it makes you feel more connected to your partner in that oh-so-special way that can lead to something more lasting.

Meanwhile, alcohol might make you feel more into them in the moment, but the likelihood that you’ll wake up full of regrets is much higher.

Of course, you don’t have to give up the good old-fashioned pleasures of drunk sex. But if you’re willing to try, or are already a long-time fan of, high sex…well, then get ready to have the laziest, most sensual sex of your life.

And whether that’s with the love of your life or your lover for the night, that certainly sounds much better, doesn’t it?