What do you think of this law?

If you’re crossing the street while texting in Honolulu, you could be fined up to $35. That’s because Hawaii’s capital just became the first major US city to pass a “distracted walking” law. And it doesn’t just stop at texting. If you’re taking pics with your digital camera or playing your Nintendo Switch, you’re also at risk for getting a ticket, starting Oct. 25.

While Honolulu is the first major city to pass a law like this, Fort Lee, NJ, did something similar a few years back. This also speaks to a larger trend in states banning phone use while driving.

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It's Illegal To Text While Crossing The Street In Honolulu

Honolulu just made it illegal to text while crossing the steet. What do you think of this law?

Posted by Dose on Tuesday, August 1, 2017