Is Kim the hero we need right now?

After Donald Trump signed an executive order suspending visa entry into the US for citizens of seven Muslim-majority nations, Kim Kardashian dropped some knowledge about the likelihood of death by Islamic terrorists. On Twitter Saturday night, she showed her 49.8 million followers the real causes of death in the US:

According to the statistics from the Cato Institute, the chance of being killed by an Islamic immigrant jihadist is far less likely than being struck by lightning or dying from falling out of bed. (Insert mic drop here.)

Many businesses and celebrities have spoken out against the immigration ban, but none have done it with the same finesse Kim showed in her one-word tweet. Fans had been anticipating Kim’s return to social media after her October robbery in Paris, but no one was expecting this politically-fueled comeback.

To be honest, we love this look on her and hope she wears it for the next four years. #KimForPresident