In 2016, we know that people will do just about anything for attention (or likes and retweets). But one YouTube user by the name CemreCandar takes this concept to new heights?—?or, should I say, heats.

For whatever reason, the young man decided to draw a bath using 1,250 bottles of hot sauce, creating what he dubbed “the hottest bathtub in the world.” If you click on the video’s description, you’ll soon see some of his other classic videos, namely “Filling bath with 520 lbs of Chocolate” and “Bathing in 1,500 Oreos.” While I wasn’t familiar with the chap prior to seeing this last video, I suppose his shtick is being “the bath guy.”

Let’s go to the tape.

Here’s the thing with this hot sauce bath video: IF (and that’s a big “if”) this is indeed hot sauce?—?and not tomato sauce, as Pakalu Papito (and many other hot sauce doubters) suggested in the comment section?—?this stunt must have been EXTREMELY painful and, therefore, extremely impressive. Some of my friends who pledged fraternities had to deal with the wrath of hot sauce and their stories are ones of pain and terror.

On the other hand, assuming that this stunt did, in fact, use “real” hot sauce, I’m still left with one question: was it really worth it? Sure, the video has racked up over two million views—but think about the type of cleanup this stunt must have required? I mean, by the time he hops out of the bathtub, the entire room looks like that elevator scene from The Shining?—?and in his little post-video monologue he explains how he still can feel the hot sauce in “like every cell” of his body, HOURS after.

Perez Hilton

I’m sure there’s some type of health warning on that hot sauce bottle advising you not to fill up an entire bathtub with it. Considering the mess and multiple health risks, it seems like a hefty price for a couple hundred YouTube subscribers. But, then again, I only have about three subscribers on my YouTube channel, so clearly I’m doing something wrong when it comes to crafting the perfect viral video.

Can’t wait to see what this guy bathes in next.