Drunk nugget lovers, rejoice!

I only crave McDonald’s when I’m drunk. It’s one of the only times I can logic my way into scarfing down 1,000 calories in one sitting and truly enjoy every moment of it. And for those without a designated driver to take them through the drive thru at 3am, it can be difficult to cash in on that craving.

It’s not impossible, mind you. My friends and I proved that ourselves.

Hannah Poindexter / Dose

But one McDonald’s in Llandudno, North Wales is making this difficult task as easy as, well, walking through the drive thru.

The restaurant recently tested out a late-night ‘walk thru’ lane between the hours of 2:30–4am and customers loved it. The retailer saw drastic increases in sales (probably thanks to the nearby nightclubs) and will permanently instate the ‘walk thru’ lane every weekend until drunk nuggets go out of style—so…never.


We can’t wait for this genius idea to hit U.S. locations so mischief like this can be over once and for all.