One guy, many fish.

Whenever women see guys on Tinder, there are literally too many fish in the sea. Seriously, why do men thinking holding their biggest catch in their pictures will snag them a lady?

I thought I was crazy when I kept seeing the Dreaded Fish Pics all the time, but every time I mentioned it to a female friend looking for men on a dating app lately, she confirmed it’s real.

We all know men think cute pets, exotic animals, and babies will get women to swipe right, but how did so many of them agree that holding fish was a perfect dating profile picture?

“You know what will make her swipe right? ANOTHER fish!”

Science has not explained the Mystery of the Tinder Fish Pics yet, so the Men With Huge Cods Tumblr is trying to gather data. (And a ton of terrible fish puns).

Find a guy holding fish for no apparent reason on Tinder? Submit a screenshot here.