Mermaid Crowns Are Now A Thing And We Couldn’t Be Happier

Now we can all be Ariel.

At some point in her life, every girl has imagined she has a mer-tail. She’s wriggled under water with her legs are glued together, looking more like a sea worm than an ethereal water-woman. She’s majestically sprung to the water’s surface, wafting her glistening hair backward in an effort to look just like Ariel. She may have even tried running a fork through her hair. We’ve all wanted to know what it would feel like to be a real princess of Atlantica, and thanks to these incredible Etsy designers, now we can!

The Little Mermaid

You could be Queen of the Sea in this gem-adorned headpiece by Scarlet Harlow.


Or pretend to be Attina—Ariel’s sister with the cool spike crown.

Etsy — Mermaid Sanctuary

Who the hell wants a flower crown when you could have seashells and gems!?

Etsy — Mermaids Palace

Really, all I want out of life is to feel like a mer-goddess in this crown.

Etsy — wildandfreejewelry

And maybe float around with Flounder with this buried treasure.

Etsy — wildandfreejewelry

I know a talking seagull that might say this one is prettier than a dinglehopper.

Etsy — wildandfreejewelry

So, maybe you can’t wear them to the office—but a mermaid crown is a perfect gift for a birthday (mer)princess.

Etsy — Wild And Free Jewelry

Or Halloween costume.

Etsy — wildandfreejewelry

Or just a day when you need a little pick-me-up.


Etsy — Scarlet Harlow

Because every girl should have the opportunity to feel like one of Triton’s daughters.


Etsy — Judy and Madeleine