In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Schnauzer.

What happens when a stray dog wanders around a monastery and befriends all the monks living there? He becomes one of them, of course.

That’s exactly what happened at the Franciscan monastery in Cochabamba, Bolivia, when monks took in a Schnauzer dog after he was abandoned on the streets. The dog, named Carmelo, was taken in by monks and officially became Friar Bigotón (that’s Spanish for “mustache”). St. Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals, so it only makes sense Carmelo would fit right in.


Carmelo takes his new lifestyle very seriously, wearing a robe and preaching peace, love and dog kisses. Here’s picture proof of him fitting right in.


Still not convinced? Here he is preaching to the fish of the koi pond.

Facebook/Kasper Mariusz Kapro? Ofm
Kasper Mariusz Kapro? Ofm

“His life is all about playing and running,” fellow friar Jorge Fernandez told The Dodo. “Here, all of the brothers love him very much. He is a creature of God.”

Carmelo’s adoption was initiated by local animal rescue group Proyecto Narices Frías (Cold Nose Project). They are optimistic his story will inspire more monasteries to welcome pets in need of a home.

“If only all the churches of our country adopt a dog and care for him like Friar Bigotón,” the group wrote on Facebook, “we are sure that the parishioners would follow his example.”