Part of the reason why I’ve never grown a mustache?—?aside from a pretty pathetic looking one, for a few weeks every November?—?is the upkeep that comes along with it.

Aside from having to trim it?—?and shape it up every couple of days?—?I’ve always felt that there’s a huge hygiene concern that comes along with having a mustache. Whether drinking a beer, or slurping a little warm soup in the fall, a bushy mustache presents a nice cozy home for food and drink particles to reside (among many other contaminants that don’t make it into the mouth).

Well, fret not, mustache-havers. It appears as though a solution all your sanitation concerns has arrived, with the return of the mustache guard.


Originally used back in the late 1800s, mustache guards provided a means of keeping bacteria and food or drink particles out of the mustache, while also providing a sophisticated upper lip ornament. Now, thanks to Swedish based Odd Company, we have a 2016 version of the mustache guard. Thanks to a piece of curved metal that sits directly below your nose, you no longer have to worry about pieces of your dinner floating around your stache for hours after you eat.

However, the future of the 2016 mustache guard is currently up in the air. Because the project is contingent on a Kickstarter goal, whether or not the mustache guard becomes available on the market will depend on the fiscal support of mustache wearers. But, with no-shave-November right around the corner, I have a feeling they’ll receive a steady boost in the next couple of weeks. Check out their video ad, below, and donate here.

PS?—?10% of proceeds will be donated to the Movember Foundation.