There are spoilers for ‘Stranger Things’ Season 1 to come. But if you’re trying to read about Season 2 and haven’t already binged Season 1, there’s only one thing you should be doing right now.

To no one’s surprise and everyone’s excitement, Netflix just announced the second season of the creepiest, most addicting show of the year: “Stranger Things.”

And just like Season 1, they gave us just enough information to be completely hooked, but left us with even more questions than before.

First, just watch the video yourself and let that haunting music fill you with speculation.

Now let’s just go through the nine presumed episode names ones by one, shall we?

1. Mad Max

Do we open on a parallel universe of the 1984 apocalypse in the Upside Down? Okay that seems a little off, especially since the Duffer Brothers note that the story will continue in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana in 1984. But who knows!?

2. The Boy Who Came Back To Life

Like the title of Episode 1, this seems to hint at another popular franchise: Harry Potter. It also strongly implies a continued story about Will, which is what we’re all hoping for anyway considering he coughed up a slug on Christmas. We’ve gotta know what’s up with this kid. Did he finally tell someone about his Upside Down flashbacks? Has the coughing gotten worse?

It’s also on par with the amount of attention Will’s story got in Season 1 while mostly ignoring Barb (I know I’m not the only one still bitter about that #JusticeForBarb).

3. The Pumpkin Patch

To me, this just sounds like a place the monster would love to take over, with all those gross pumpkin guts and slimy seeds. And since Season 1 ended at Christmas of 1983, starting in the fall of 1984 would mean it’s almost a year later already, which gives Dr. Brenner plenty of time to make a comeback and create a new disaster.

*Yes I have some doubts about Dr. Brenner’s so-called death by the monster.

4. The Palace

Since the Duffer Brothers say that Season 2 will venture outside the small Midwestern boundaries of Hawkins, maybe The Palace is another sketchy government operation and it’s revealed these experiments have been going on all over the country.

5. The Storm

Well this sounds just supernatural-y and horror-y enough to be the climactic setting for the next disaster to break out. I also still have quite a few lingering questions about how the Hawkins Lab and Eleven harnessed the electricity of their environments, and I can only assume that a thunderstorm would provide a lot of potential energy for more mind-bending telekinesis.

6. The Pollywog

I had a lingering theory that there was actually more than one monster and that monster creation had something to do with those gross tentacles that were found in Barb’s and Will’s mouth in the Upside Down. But maybe instead, the monsters grow from a tadpole, like an evil Dat Boi frog.

7. The Secret Cabin

This has to be where Eleven has been hiding out. I will not accept any other theories or outcomes of this episode.

8. The Brain

I’d call Dr. Brenner the evil genius/The Brain behind this entire operation and I don’t think he’s done. For how gory the rest of the show was?—?I mean, remember that slimy slug crawling out of Barb’s mouth!??—?Brenner’s ‘death’ was as tame as it gets. Gone from her life at the moment? Maybe, but gone forever? I’m not convinced.

But there’s a happier thought here, maybe someone else (Eleven’s estranged and silent mother?) will surprise us all with an unprecedented amount of research and insight into the Hawkins Lab experiments and can help Eleven cope with her powers.

9. The Lost Brother

The Duffer Brothers mention that along with the returning cast of fan favorite cast members like Mike, Joyce and Dustin, there will be at least four new characters in Season 2. So is the Lost Brother someone else from Hawkins who is taken? That seems a little too on the nose for my liking. I prefer to believe it’s Eleven’s lost brother (in blood or just telekinetic power).

The only thing we do know for sure? Season 2 will launch in 2017. Fingers crossed that means midnight on January 1 so we only have to wait 122 days.