Tired of boring camping trips on stupid, dry LAND?

Now there’s a new marvel out there for those looking to inject more amphibious shenanigans into our cross-country road trips.

Check it out! This camper totally turns into boat.

The Sealander won’t help you do your taxes. It can’t cook a nutritious, yet savory meal for you whole family.

What it can do is camp on land AND in the water.

I know this is a lot of information to take in, so let me break it down.

See first, it’s an unassuming camper.

But then, you just wave your magic wand and…

Poof! It shapeshifts into a motha’ f*cking BOAT, SON.

One minute you’re on land, singing Kumbaya and barbecuing. The next, everyone at the campground is watching from the shore while you Captain-Jack-Sparrow your way around the lake like the smarmy sea rat you are.

Don’t overthink it. Just let the beauty wash over you.

Says this beautiful couple: “We used to get bored eating toast in our old camper, but now, thanks to the Sealander, everything feels like an adventure on the high seas!”

Sealander: “It’s a camper….and a boat.”