Of course there’s a Justin Bieber Jesus dress. ????

New York Fashion Week is well underway, bringing us some extravagant looks for spring 2017. There are some head-turning looks making their way down the runways, as designers debut their collections to star-studded crowds.

While NYFW has always been bold, it seems like this week’s looks are especially edgy, merging futuristic, grunge and pop-culture trends. From Halloween costumes to Snapchat filters, here are the can’t-miss looks of NYFW!

1. Metallic clothes and platinum wigs


The Blonds’ NYFW show was all about futuristic fashion. The avant-garde ensembles included metallic capes, corsets and jackets along with curly, platinum wigs.

2. Pants under sheer skirts and dresses

When the weather cools off, we’ll totally remember this fashion statement—layering pants under skirts and dresses! We layer sweaters and jackets over tank tops all the time, and now it’s time to layer below the waist. A Détacher’s spring 2017 collection featured sheer and slinky skirts with capris underneath—genius and stylish.

3. Justin Bieber as Jesus dress ????


Berlin-based designer Namilia unofficially won NYFW with this Justin Bieber dress. You’re seeing correctly—that’s the Biebs in Jesus form on this fantastic dress. While Bieber might not be a fan of the God comparison, it certainly wouldn’t stop Beliebers like us from wearing this.

4. The Halloween collection


Who said Halloween isn’t fashionable? Lingerie shop Yandy debuted a whole collection full of sexy foxes, ghosts, angels, etc. BRB, taking notes for our Halloween costumes.

5. Snapchat filters

Instagram-flamouritalia, hanlynne, fwstreetstyle

Along with Halloween costumes, Snapchat filters are another thing we never expected to see on the runway. At Desigual’s fashion show, models flaunted real-life versions of Snapchat filters such as the dog, flower and butterfly crown. All the models needed was a glowing light to follow them down the runway.

6. Hood By Air’s collaboration with PornHub (yes, Pornhub)


You read that right. The seemingly oddball collab put an edgy spin on streetwear that totally worked. Between the baggy plastic materials and words making a statement on outfits, designer Shayne Oliver said his mission is to be “almost like a fetish in the fashion industry” while re-defining youth culture, according to The Washington Post.

7. Cynthia Rowley’s feathers


Cynthia Rowley’s spring ’17 collection was like a Blair Waldorf sleepover. The feminine lounge-y looks included floral and silk maxi dresses that were pretty much the definition of glamorous. Where was our invite to the slumber party?

8. This Zayn Malik look


Along with her Justin Bieber designs, Namilia also debuted this Zayn Malik outfit, which featured a gorgeous picture of his face with the words “nothing will be the same,” complete with some edgy fringe on the end. We have a feeling Zayn would 100% approve of this.

9. Misbhv’s stylish streetwear

With a mission to make clothes “their friends would like,” Polish designer Misbhv is about to be the next hottest thing. The clothes’ effortless aesthetic is trendy without trying too hard. The line includes strappy lingerie under oversize coats, denim, leather and everything in between.

What’s your favorite look from NYFW?