Drake-Themed Yoga Is Now A Thing

Views from downward dog?

Grab your mats because yoga just went from 0–100. The popular health and wellness trend will never be the same now that Drake-themed yoga is officially a thing. “Namasdrake”?—?with a punny slogan “Just hold on we’re going om”?—?offers a sanctuary for you to release inner tension while listening to a soundtrack consisting exclusively of Heartbreak Drake.


Thanks to DJ/promoter T.J. Petracca and DJ/yoga instructor Paul Schneider, Namasdrake offers hour-long vinyasa-flow yoga courses in downtown LA once a month. But it doesn’t end there. According to Agatha French for LA Times, every Namasdrake yoga class includes an option to have namasdranks in their beer garden.

Los Angeles Times

When it comes to the selection, “the playlist is meticulously curated, a mix of atmospheric deep cuts and crowd-pleasing bangers,” French explains . So, I’d expect anything from “Find Your Love” to “Charged Up.” One class only costs $23 (in true Jumpman fashion), so if you’re in the LA area, ring in the “cuffing season” right with Drizzy yoga.

Los Angeles Times