The new series “T@gged” is basically “A” on steroids.

Ever since “Pretty Little Liars” started in 2010, cell phones were always an integral part of the series. You know that horrified feeling you got every time Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer’s phones went off at exactly the same time? Obviously, a stalker named “A” isn’t tracing your steps and making you do terrible things, but you feel trapped in the same way the “PLL” girls do—because we all have phones and well, perhaps strange things could happen to us, too.

Well, AwesomenessTV’s new psychological thriller series “T@gged” will up the ante even more. It’s like “Pretty Little Liars” but way more social media heavy. The 11-part series follows three high school girls who are being tagged in a series of violent videos. When the girls suddenly find themselves in the footage—which includes where they live—they have to figure out who’s behind it before they become the killer’s next victims.

“Monkeyman” is the “A” of “T@gged,” who tags the girls in a horrifying video that could result in someone’s death.

“T@gged” follows three high school girls, Rowan…


and Hailey.

Just like “T@gged” and “Pretty Little Liars,” Hollywood has capitalized on the dark side of social media with movies like “Unfriended,” “Smiley” and “Ratter.” There’s definitely a lot to be said about the dangers of social media and putting your life on the internet.

Lia Marie Johnson, who plays Hailey, told Teen Vogue, “I think one thing people could take away from this show is that not everything online is safe, and you have to be careful what you choose to do on the internet.”

“Tagged” is available to watch through the go90 app. You can learn more about the show here, and watch the trailer below.