It’s our generation’s Graceland.


In 1985, Prince asked a then-unknown 23-year-old architect to turn his grandiose fantasy into reality. The manifestation: Paisley Park, a $10 million, 55K-square-foot compound, where the artist would live and make his art.

Erected just outside of his hometown, Minneapolis, Paisley Park served as a creative haven for the artist throughout his career. The first album Prince recorded at the studio—Prince and The Revolution: Around the World in a Day—went double platinum, featuring the classic cut “Paisley Park,” after which the compound got its name.

While many speculated about what would come of Paisley Park after Prince’s death in April, it appears that good news is on the horizon for fans of the late, great Artist Formerly Known As Prince.

According to Associated Press, Prince’s estate will be opened to the public in October, and feature daily tours and viewing hours. In a statement given by Tyka Nelson, Prince’s sister, she notes, “Opening Paisley Park is something that Prince always wanted to do and was actively working on.”

For the Prince fan and those interested in pop culture, Paisley Park will feature all of the nuances that made the late pop star so appealing: concert outfits, guitars, various odds and ends from concerts—it will all be found at the estate. Visitors will also be given the opportunity to check out the studio portion of the compound, as well as the stage onsite where he gave private shows.

The cover art for “Around the World in a Day.” |

I guess I’ve got a few months to start saving my money. Flights to Minneapolis can’t be overly expensive—right?