Another one.

Aside from the changing of the leaves—from shades of green to those of yellow, red and orange—nothing marks the onset of autumn (especially in early August) like the arrival of pumpkin spice flavored everything—including hummus.

In about a month or so, every coffeeshop will advertise a pumpkin flavored syrup you can add to your lattes. Every ice cream parlor and bakery will roll out their new pumpkin spice flavored desserts. And every aisle of the supermarket will suddenly be filled with each major manufacturer’s personal take on the flavor (although, I will say, I am somewhat partial to the pumpkin spice flavored Milanos).


While most people would say, hey, there seems to be enough pumpkin spice flavored products on the market—the fine folks at General Mills went against the grain and continued to push the boundaries of creativity. Enter: Pumpkin Spice flavored Cheerios. Dare to be different, right? Oh, brother.

On second thought, they do sound pretty good (which seems to be the case with everything containing the words “pumpkin” and “spice”). And—according to Erin Cullum and the fine folks over at Popsugar (who had the opportunity of indulging in an exclusive “first taste” before they hit the market)—they were actually quite good.

“The pumpkin flavor is prominent, and it fills your mouth with the essence of fall as soon as you take a bite,” Cullum reveals. “Real pumpkin puree, cinnamon, and cloves contribute to the spot-on taste that every pumpkin-spice fan is guaranteed to appreciate.”

The essence of fall, heh? You don’t say. Keep your eyes peeled for these, which are hitting supermarkets this month. Yep, pumpkin spice season is officially upon us.

Popsugar Phorography/Erin Cullum