The “two girls in the city” trope just got 20 times funnier. ????


We’ve seen it time and time again?—?a group of female friends, navigating dating and city life. Personally, I’m not a fan, and never really liked Sex and the City. Even though I’m now a New Yorker moving in with my best friend, I still do a heavy eye roll at these kinds of shows. But in the age of dating apps and sex positivity, shows like Broad City have changed it up.

Enter, Dating My TV, a web series that looks the same on the outside, but packs a ton of comedic punch. I consider myself a jaded internet user that’s “seen everything,” so getting me to laugh at a video takes a lot. A few minutes into the first episode, and I was already annoying my roommates by laughing so loud.

Broad City started as web series, and everyone was super sad they didn’t get into it earlier! Start Dating My TV before it becomes the hip new show everyone’s watching (and spoiling) before you.

Episode 2, so very #relatable—especially the part where she steals her friend’s phone to type a better response to a guy on Tinder.

Episodes 3 & 4 just came out and I honestly can’t stop watching!

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