These Two Instagram-Famous Prairie Dogs Are Living Their Best Lives

Even if you have a perpetually unimpressed dog or a social media star for a cat, your pet probably isn’t as much of a special snowflake as you think. We all want to make our pups Instagram famous, but you’ll need something seriously special to help them standout. The prairie dogs of @prairiedogpack have that “It Factor.” While you spend your summer lounging around, the PDP is raking in ALL the double taps by doing…pretty much the same thing.

This is Bing and Swarley. They’re two prairie dogs livin’ it up in Houston, Texas.

When they’re not snuggling, they’re having grand adventures on Instagram.

They’re sometimes joined by their canine brother Biscuit, but Bing and Swarley are the stars of the show.

If you’re getting cabin fever this summer, these prairie dogs might be able to help you figure out your plans.

Maybe you’ll take a road trip with the top down, like Bing.

He’s an excellent driver.

Or you’ll hit the up the beach.

Don’t forget your flower crown.

Perhaps you’ll hit the gym to get in shape for bikini season.

Honestly, we’ve never worked this hard for anything.

Bing freaked the hell out when the new season of OITNB started.

So don’t feel bad about spending a few summer nights inside, binge watching.

Sometimes the call of Netflix is just too loud to resist.

No one has more couch potato pride than this one.

You might consider having a pajama party with your best pal.

It’s the fuzzballs’ favorite activity.

Or hit up a neighborhood cookout.

There’s no harm in stopping by quickly for a hot dog.

Bing and Swarley couldn’t get tickets to The Formation Tour this summer, either, so they did this instead.

You’re welcome for this truly *Flawless* masterpiece.