Slay cancer—and your look.

You don’t need makeup to be beautiful, but sometimes, makeup helps you feel beautiful. Whether makeup is your thing or not, everyone deserves to feel that sense of empowerment—especially when life most gets you down.

Sephora’s latest free(!) makeup class aims to help cancer patients look and feel beautiful, too. The retailer’s latest course in their Classes for Confidence series is called Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer. It’s designed for both men and women who want to learn makeup and skincare tips and bond with other cancer patients. During the 90-minute class, participants learn everything from finding the right shades for their complexions to penciling in brows. The workshop provides a safe and supportive space for patients to talk to others who get what they’re going through.

This is Sephora’s first class focusing on makeup, hair and skincare tips for cancer patients. The company conducted focus groups to gain an understanding of patients’ most pressing needs. “There was a lot of legwork that needed to be done, because we wanted it to be done right,” Corrie Conrad, Sephora’s Head of Social Impact, told People.

It’s great the beauty chain is making its series more inclusive—especially since cancer patients often experience anxiety and depression due to their change in appearance. When undergoing chemo, the appearance of your skin and hair can change dramatically.

One woman, Chiara, was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. She told People that when she looked in a mirror she “felt like a martian” after beginning chemo. “My skin was definitely dry, and I had no hair, so I needed to draw on eyebrows,” she told the outlet. She signed up for the class to meet other people who could relate to what she was going through. “I wanted to see what tips I can learn, but because the class was geared toward [persons with] cancer, I was excited to come and connect with other women.”

The classes launched last April at participating Sephora locations. So far, more than 40 stores across the US are hosting the course, with more locations to be added throughout the year. Check Sephora’s website to find the nearest participating store.