Maddie Ziegler’s rainbow tears will make you feel things.

The dynamic duo is back at it again—and for a powerful cause. Sia released a brand-new song and music video called “The Greatest,” starring her 13-year-old dance protege Maddie Ziegler. While the song itself is a power anthem at its finest, the five-minute video spreads a message of unity in wake of the horrific Orlando massacre that took place in June.

For those familiar with the unstoppable duo, you’ll definitely recognize the video takes place in the same run-down apartment as “Chandelier.” But instead of Maddie wearing a blonde wig and dancing alone, the former “Dance Moms” star dons a jet-black wig and dances among a slew of other talented kids following her lead. Forty-nine, to be exact—the number of innocent individuals whose lives were claimed at Orlando LGBT nightclub, Pulse.

The video starts off extremely heavy-hearted, with lifeless bodies on the apartment floor and Maddie crying rainbow tears. When Sia coos “I got stamina” throughout the verses, Maddie’s energetic and expressive energy prompts the kids to joyously run throughout the apartment together.

While the video highlights the dancers and Sia’s vocals, the song on Spotify features a verse from Kendrick Lamar. The rapper most recently contributed to Beyonce’s “Freedom,” too. “Letdowns will get you and the critics will test you/ But the strongest survive another scar may bless you,” he raps.

Check out the music video below, and prepare to have all the feels.