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It’s finally spring which means green grass, sunshine and lots of adorable baby animals. It’s the season of bunnies and chicks, kittens and puppies and there’s really only one way to properly celebrate the season?—?with a puppy party.

If you’ve never witnessed a puppy party, you’ve missed out on playful romps not seen since the Puppy Bowl and snazzy dog outfits typically reserved for Halloween.

So if you’re ready to experience the unfettered joy one gets when watching puppies play, and if you can stand the excited squeals from all your coworkers that surrounded your desk to watch, take a break from your workday and enjoy this puppy party. You deserve it.

Help Milton the puppy decide what to do with his puppy friends

8 puppies. 1 lawn. What adventures should they have?

Posted by Dose on Friday, March 31, 2017