Detention would have been preferable to this.

YouTube/Alex Eriksen/Dose

There’s a scene in the (marginally) classic film “School of Rock” in which Jack Black, who is fraudulently teaching a fourth-grade class, uses the power of song to teach his students math.

If you’ve never seen the movie, here it is.

I love this scene because Jack Black is musically inclined and the song is actually pleasant to listen to. I mean, come on, it’s a pretty catchy number.

That being said, if one of your own elementary-school teachers tried to employ a similar tactic back in the day—and wasn’t so gifted—I’m sure it wouldn’t have been as successful as Jack Black’s rendition of “The Math Song.”

Thankfully, we get to see what this looks like firsthand, compliments of a new viral video. And, I’ll be blunt with you, it’s a pretty wild scene. Let’s go to the tape:

Since this in-class concert took place on the first day of school, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that this teacher was trying a little too hard to appear affable in front of her new batch of students. Either that, or she lost a bet.

I’m trying to find a logical reason for why this teacher would ever consider serenading her class a useful teaching strategy, but I’m drawing blanks.

Mind you, in “School of Rock,” Jack Black sang a relatively simple ditty to a crew of fourth graders. This ambitious teacher, God bless her, is gunning for pop chart-toppers in front of a class of HIGH SCHOOLERS. They’re almost adults, for chrissakes.

And while her ability to keep a straight face might be as impressive as her dedication, I simply can’t fathom how this group of students kept its cool and didn’t cause more of an uproar while this all went down. I’d be rolling around the floor, howling, if I ever witnessed these shenanigans in my heyday.

And this isn’t, like, a 15-second video in which the teacher doctored up a couple lines from “Hotline Bling” to help frame her math curriculum and then went back to the drawing (chalk?) board—THIS IS A SEVEN-MINUTE VIDEO. DO YOU REALIZE THIS?!


And she thinks she’s doing a fine job, to boot (like one of those “American Idol” contestants who ends up on the highlight reel at the end of the season). This is literally the most cringeworthy thing I’ve ever seen in a classroom—and I had detention like, thrice-weekly back in high school, for doing a wide array of cringeworthy things in classrooms.

But, on a serious note, these students can’t be too thrilled that they’ve got a whole year ahead of them with this one here.

Like, once it’s October, and the class starts heading full-steam into meatier topics like trigonometry, how can they be expected to take their teacher—the viral video star—seriously?