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Aspen is booked! Status update: check. You drop some serious cash on name-brand ski gear because Instagram pictures just wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t look super professional. Modern yet cozy AirBnB close to the slopes with a killer hot tub? Check, check, check. Vacation, here you come.

Then, finding yourself at the top of a mountain looking down at the glistening, powdery perfection below, you think to yourself, “F*%K! I really wish I was in St. Barth’s right now!

Unless you’re really into it, your vacation shouldn’t find you standing at the top of a scary mountain with only one way down and some possible near-death experiences along the way. So before booking your next getaway, look to the stars for guidance. Don’t scoff—we know you were just Googling “What’s a Capricorn man like in bed?”


Jan 20?—?Feb 18

Curious-by-nature Aquarians love to travel to unexplored places. They simply aren’t happy without intellectual stimulation (we’re not saying you have ADD, but we’re also not saying you don’t have ADD).

To the Aquarius, rules were meant to be broken (or at least questioned). They’re also technology aficionados and are enamored by sciencey things, so somewhere that boasts a lot of natural wonders is a sure bet.

Best Bet: Alaska


Close 2nd: Lapland, Finland


Feb 19?—?Mar 20

This water sign is as hopeless a romantic as Meg Ryan in any Meg Ryan movie. Pisces are laid-back, old souls who love to satisfy their creative needs. You’re the grandma of the group and that’s totally OK.

Athletic and super-adventurous vacations might make the Pisces swim away. Stick to shallow waters in relaxed destinations.

Best Bet: Venice, Italy

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Close 2nd: Fiji


Mar 21?—?Apr 19

An Aries tends to be energetic and on the go. This fire sign loves action, speed and adventure.

But don’t judge their quickness. Aries are known to asses a situation before diving in and they have great problem-solving skills, so their travel companions are in good hands.

Best Bet: the Australian Outback

Keith Molloy/Getty

Close 2nd: trek the Himalayas


Apr?—?May 20

It’s no coincidence that the diamond (April) and emerald (May) are among the pricier of birthstones. You have expensive taste, Taurus?—?we get it! You crave comfort and class. You’re always in search of St. Tropez vibes on a Cancun budget.

Your vacation should consist of great wine, five-star accommodations and see-and-be-seen restaurants worthy of a P. Diddy cameo.

Best Bet: Dubai, UAE


Close 2nd: Miami, FL


May 21?—?Jun 20

Geminis are a bit tricky, as they require a destination that satisfies their dual sides. We’re not saying they’re crazy, but think back to fighting with your annoying little brother on where you should go on family night out…the back-and-forth is painful.

Stick with major cities that have a lot to offer, from museums to restaurants to gardens. Options are mission critical.

Best Bet: London, England


Close 2nd: San Francisco, CA


Jun 21?—?Jul 22

Cancers are natural do-gooders. They are loyal to the core and are most comfortable when helping people. Nothing fancy is required for this crab. Ah, aren’t you nice!

Best Bet: Karma Yoga (civic duty) at an ashram


Close 2nd: Caribbean volunteer trip


Jul 23?—?Aug 22

Leos love drama and a good party. They desire bold colors, passion and prefer life when the attention is on them. Think Jennifer Lopez circa J. Lo, Jenny from the block, Lola…actually, just think all things Jennifer Lopez.

But Leos can be lazy, so opt for destinations with good nightclubs and plenty of cafés to sit and look pretty.

Best Bet: Havana, Cuba

Necip Yanmaz/Getty

Close 2nd: Buenos Aires, Argentina


Aug 23?—?Sept 22

Virgos love detail and order. Your planner is full and your friends count on you to organize the social calendar.

If you let them, Virgos will schedule a vacation itinerary down to the hour. And yes, they will have vacation itineraries. Cities with serious congestion or delayed trains need not apply. Think efficient with a side of conservative.

Best Bet: Munich, Germany

Roman Babakin/Getty

Close 2nd: Tokyo, Japan


Sept 23?—?Oct 22

Libras are social, charming and love scenery. Ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love, Libras crave beauty, pleasure and are social butterflies. They’ll have no trouble picking up a crew of single guys at the local bar or asking for directions in a language they don’t speak.

Best Bet: Mykonos, Greece

Roman Babakin/Getty

Close 2nd: Hanoi, Vietnam


Oct 23?—?Nov 21

While Scorpios like hidden adventures and going off the beaten path, take away their modern comforts and you might get stung.

Privacy is super important to this water sign, but if chartering a private yacht isn’t in the cards, pick a destination where you can get lost during the day and still have high-speed wifi at night.

Best Bet: Boracay, Philippines


Close 2nd: Maui, Hawaii


Nov 22?—?Dec 21

The Archer loves travel and history. A Sagittarius also craves independence, probably because they tend to be philosophical and like having time to themselves to think.

Don’t go completely solo on your next vacation, though! You generally have a good outlook, so if travel hiccups should arise, you’re good for keeping your cool.

Best Bet: Moscow, Russia


Close 2nd: Rishikesh, India


Dec 22?—?Jan 19

Capricorns are ambitious and smart. Like, responsible-for-throwing-off-the-curve-in-AP-Physics smart.

They’re always up for a challenge and rarely submit to defeat. Why not put your dedication to the test with an adventure that involves training and preparation? What, did you think this was a vacation?

Best Bet: Machu Picchu, Peru


Close 2nd: Kilimanjaro, Tanzania