Lipstick really is the answer to everything.

There’s nothing worse than waking up with big bags under your eyes after a late night. While you try your best to make yourself look human before brunch, it seems like no amount of concealer can completely hide those dark shadows. Perhaps there’s another trick in the book you should be trying—red lipstick.

It’s true: red lipstick is a girl’s best friend, and according to beauty blog Painted Ladies, it’s your secret weapon to covering those under-eye circles. The lipstick’s pink-tones counteract bluish tints from dark circles, thus helping to neutralize the color under your eyes. Here’s exactly how you can use your red lipstick as a concealer.

1. Lightly apply a layer of red lipstick under your eye

2. Apply a layer of regular concealer right on top of the lipstick and blend with a brush

3. Add some highlighter on top of concealer and blend in

4. Set your concealer with powder

And you’re dunzo! Goodbye to under-eye darkness!