Good things come to those who sweat.

Working out is not always easy. Actually, almost always never easy, but Michelle Obama and everyone else seems to think it’s pretty essential to your health, so I do my best to exercise in the comfort of my home. But despite how tempting equipment like the Bowflex TreadClimber 50000 or Wondercore may sound, they’re bulky, boring and expensive. Well, it’s about time you became familiar with the resistance band.

Resistance bands are like the pasta of the exercise world. They come in different varieties, they’re versatile and endlessly customizable. Let me expand on that.

1. Different band styles and colors serve different purposes

First of all, while all elastic workout bands are considered resistance bands, a true resistance band is a flat piece of elastic a few inches wide, while a resistance tube is a hollow elastic cord that’s usually connected to handles. No matter which type you choose, you can purchase different lengths and levels of intensity depending on the tension of the elastic.

2. Workout possibilities are virtually endless

While the bands are popular for rehabilitation after medical procedures and injuries, they are also considered a bonafide intense workout fit for and Olympian.The handles on resistance tubes help add versatility to your workout, and the band itself can be looped around your ankles or knees for an insane leg burn. There are several kinds of full-body workout regimens using only resistance bands, so you have plenty of options for a stand-alone sweat sesh.

3. You can incorporate them into other workouts

If you aren’t ready to ditch your treadmill routine for a resistance band circuit, no problem. Try incorporating some band work into your regular workout routine. Walk on the treadmill with bands around your feet and anchored to the treadmill or add an extra challenge to your pilates practice with a band around your knees. Even simple stretches can be deeper with the help of a resistance band.

4. Resistance band workouts are fast and furious

All resistance band exercises target a specific muscle group—which isn’t always the case with other workouts. And because the bands are made of elastic, there’s perpetual tension in your muscles with no true rest period, so it only takes a few moves to feel the burn.

5. They’re cheap

I mean, compared to the Bowflex TreadClimber 50000, just about anything is cheap, but with a price tag of $30 for a set of 5 bands of varying strengths and some fancy accessories to kick your workout up a notch, they’re really a steal.

6. They take up no space

When I traveled abroad, I tucked two resistance bands in my suitcase and had a workout ready to go basically anywhere. Since most of the exercises just use bodyweight, you don’t need any extra equipment (except sometimes an anchor like a door or a bed).