More good news from San Diego Comic-Con.


Marvel fans just got something else to look forward to this fall….

San Diego Comic-Con has given us plenty to be excited about?—?but this morning, with a new trailer, Marvel and Netflix confirmed that yes, indestructible superhuman and New Avenger Luke Cage will be getting his own Netflix series.

During the 70’s, Cage made history as one of Marvel’s first black superheroes. In the trailer, Cage—still played by Mark Colter who debuted as the character in “Jessica Jones” last year—does a little talking and a lot of nighttime baddy-busting to the tune of some Wu-Tang (the perfect music for nighttime vigilantism).

But don’t take our word for it. See Cage in all his bulletproof glory for yourself.

Got enough grit for you? The series gets added to Netflix Sept. 30.