Ines Vuckovic/Dose

Let’s taco ’bout guac, baby.

What makes a road trip good? No, it’s not the museums or the festivals. It’s not the nature that surrounds you. It’s not even the quaint small towns you’ll pass through on the way to your destination.

Nah—it’s the food.

To get even more specific, what makes this country so beautiful is the fact that, no matter where you roam, there’s a taco spot waiting for you. Take the West Coast, for instance. From Seattle to Sacramento, there’s a warm taco at every turn, waiting for the embrace of your hungry tummy. In other words: True love is always waiting for you just around the corner.

We’ve made it easy for you to find the West Coast’s best tacos with this handy map. So go ahead. Find your true love. Tell them Dose sent you.

Ines Vuckovic/Diamond Brown/Dose