One-Line Tattoos Were Made For Minimalists

You’ll love this one-shot body art.

People get tattoos for all kinds of reasons?—?to remember a loved on, mark an important time in your life or sometimes just to adorn your body with something pretty. No matter your reasoning, choosing a tattoo you know you’re going to love can be difficult. If you’re unsure about such a permanent choice, opting for the simple route is your best bet. This new tattoo trend has made that easier than ever. One-line tattoos let you get the look you want without having to sit for hours. Here are a few ideas to serve as inspiration before your next appointment with the needle.

1. Celebrate your favorite artist’s most minimalist moments

Why not get a permanent version of one of the greats, like this famed Picasso line drawing?

2. Memorialize a natural wonder with a few lines and some shading

3. Make a powerful statement with a simplified version of a larger than life animal

4. Enjoy nature without every having to step outside

5. Turn heads with an abstract version of your favorite feminist icon

Good ‘ol Rosie has never looked better.

6. Embrace personal freedom with something like this minimal face outline

7. Appreciate the female form in the most effortless way

8. Own the freshest version of a classic tattoo

9. Pay respects to an important fallen icon

10. Make your pet proud by giving them some space on your arm

11. Never forget the tools of your trade by getting them in ink