Just you, your partner and a “discreet” pilot…

My idea of letting loose on an airplane involves watching an in-flight movie and openly sobbing in front of strangers. But a lot of people want to fuck. So if your dream is to bump uglies while sailing through the sky on a metal tube, Flamingo Airlines and Love Cloud are here to make your fantasy a reality.

Based out of sex capitol of the world, Cincinnati, Ohio, Flamingo Airlines is a veteran of amorous air travel. While similar companies have come and gone, Flamingo has spent the last 20 years helping couples join the “mile high club”— although they consciously refrain from using that term. President and CEO David MacDonald believes the longevity of the airline is thanks in part to emphasizing romance over raunchiness.

To set the mood, each “flight of fancy” is outfitted with chocolates and champagne while the middle row of seats is replaced with a pile of cushions. With hour-long flights going for $495, their customer base is less randy teens, more your Uncle Dave and Aunt Kath looking to spice things up. As for the pilot, they’re separated from the lovebirds by nothing more than a curtain and some heavy-duty headphones. Not to worry, MacDonald assured Business Insider that his “discreet” pilots are too busy flying the plane to notice any hanky panky.

While Flamingo Airlines has had the in-flight sex market cornered for many years, they now have some competition from Love Cloud, a Vegas-based company that isn’t afraid to sell the “mile high club” fantasy. Their slogan: “Whatever happens over Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

But much like David MacDonald, Love Cloud founder Andy Johnson has found his clientele to be mostly middle-aged and elderly couples looking to knock something off their bucket lists. Since its launch, Love Cloud has hosted 25th, 3oth and 50th wedding anniversaries.

So next time you’re tempted to get busy in an airplane lavatory, just think about Uncle Dave and Aunt Kath doing the same thing for $500 an hour.

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