Trinkets have officially met their organizational match

I can’t seem to get enough of pretty notebooks and little pouches. In any boutique I walk into, I’m immediately drawn to the table in the corner with trinkets that make great gifts for others, and all too often, gifts for myself. So instead of letting myself indulge again, I decided to make a few of my own instead.

Making these triangle pouches only takes a few steps and it’s even more time efficient when you make a bunch all at once!

You’ll need a few supplies:


  1. Trace outer lines of paper guide on reverse side of chosen fabric
  2. Cut along traced lines using a rotary cutter, Xacto knife or sharp scissors
  3. Place paper guide on top of cut fabric and fold along inner lines
  4. Remove paper guide and re-fold, making sure to crease heavily along lines
  5. Mark on outer flap and inner pouch where you’d like the clasp to be and make both holes with leather punch
  6. Glue along necessary sides *Note: I glued more than necessary on my first pouch and adjusted accordingly after. You only need to glue the very outer edges (see image below)
  7. Clip down glued edges to help dry, and let sit overnight
  8. Once the glue is dry, remove claps (don’t worry about any marks, they will fade over time)
  9. Push screwback bottom through the inner pouch hole (add a bit of glue if you’d like extra security) and screw the round top over the threads
  10. Fill your pouch with trinkets and go!

Paper guide

Glue along red lines when folding from the left edge /Almost Makes Perfect

If you’re a visual learner, check out the video instructions instead: