Loliware is deliciously changing the world of glassware.

The New York-based company has created the world’s first fully biodegr(edible) cup.

Loliware also plans to develop a full line of biodegr(edible) tableware and packaging in the future. But the first product, the cup, is made from seaweed and infused with delicious natural sweeteners and fruit.

They come in flavors like Yuzu Citrus, Tart Cherry, Matcha Green Tea and Vanilla Bean, plus an unflavored option.

The “Shark Tank” competitors wanted to cut down on the 25 million plastic cups the U.S. alone wastes every year.

Biome Bioplastics

Similar to the recent biodegradable six-pack ring, if the cups aren’t eaten, they still decompose 100% in a non-harmful way.

There are all kinds of fun recipes to pair with each cup, like coconut sorbet and other fruity creations.


Plus, you don’t even need to throw them out after a summer cookout. Win/win.

Get a set of your own for $15.99 per four pack.